Introducing Mark Taylor, a vocal stylist/songwriter with the musical talent to perform heart-felt renditions of songs that appeal to audiences of all ages. Mark's strong smooth high baritone voice is a rare instrument that flawlessly blends a wide variety of styles ranging from that of Frank Sinatra to Bob Marley, from Bob Seger to Al Green, from Christina Aguilera to Etta James, from Marc Anthony to Nat King Cole into a unique sound that you will never forget.

Unlike many of today's singers who have adopted the overused style of frequent melody digression punctuated by intense yelling that needlessly taxes the upper limits of their vocal range at every opportunity, which can often obscure the song's message, Mark Taylor's calm, deliberate, gracious, and sincere style of delivery reflects his belief that the beauty is in the song itself and that he is merely the conduit through which audiences can hear that beauty. 

Mark was born legally blind in 1967 in western Kentucky. Classically trained, Mark began singing professionally at the age of fifteen. At the age of seventeen, Mark traveled to Perth, Australia as an American exchange student where he was hired by the Sheraton Hotel as a solo pianist/singer. Upon returning to the United States one year later, Mark received a four-year voice scholarship to Kentucky State University. In 1986, he relocated to southern California where he currently resides. 

Recently, after enjoying a very successful career as a computer information systems instructor and management analyst at UCLA, he has decided to continue with his artistic endeavors as a performer/songwriter.